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Metal detector finds october 10 2013

As I said earlier I went metal detecting for a few hours. The weather was really bad, raining almost all the time, so I couldnt record any video. Anyways, here are the finds i got.

ring-of-bronze old_button
Old bronze ring and a button with a nice star on.
rigsbank-skilling-copper-coin 1944-pig-sign
A danish copper coin from 18th century called a rigsbankskilling, and a 1944 pig sign. Its always nice to find something when metal detecting, or the day will be very long. These finds are not the best, but they are still metal detector finds. :)

Pfenning 1075 Heinrich IV

pfennig_heinrich_4_germany_1075_a pfennig_heinrich_4_germany_1075_b

A few months ago, I found this very old german silver coin from the year 1075. The german/roman emperor at that time was Heinrich the 4.

The day I found it was a day with almost no finds, so I was walking back to my car while swinging my metal detector. Then like 10 meters before I reached my car, BEEEP ! This very nice silver coin saw the daylight again after almost 1000 years in the ground.

Well now i dont have any more time to write, because the rain stopped, and I gotta go metal detecting a harvested corn field, with my detecting buddy Ejner. :)

If i find anything, I will ofcourse post it here on my blog. Maybe im gonna make a video too, gotta try it :)

Old silver coin 2 Skilling 1688


Old danish silver coin from 1688, the king in Denmark at this time was Christian the 5, who ruled the country from 1670 to 1699. The special about this silver coin is, that it was made in Norway, because at that time Norway was a part of Denmark.

I found this nice silver coin this morning, and I thought this would be a nice first post on my blog. I hope you will follow me on the social networks to stay up to date on my finds.